Thursday, January 29, 2009

love letter

love letter

My aunt used to collect poems and letters in her youth and compiled and bound it for keepsakes. One of her bound memories ended up with me. This is one of the cards given to her by her suitor with a composition that I love reading again and again.

Dream by Rolando Carbonel

Love... may not be you... loving me
but it may be me loving you,
despite that, it may be me
wanting to forget you, and me,
not being able to.

It may not be me seeing you
though it could be me
feeling your soul's encompassing presence.

It could be you forever
walking away from me,
yet never really leaving me

It could be you searing my soul
with your mocking laughter, your piercing
my being with your deep tenderness.

Love could be you wondering
at my futile intensity
and I wondering
why you wonder still....


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