Friday, March 27, 2009

getting there

no one left to fool every wall you've built is gone
you don't know what to do to get off the path you're on
you are questioning the very truth you've believed in all along
looking back on how it used to be you wonder what went wrong
but deep inside your heart there is a prayer
that love will find you there

living with the pain from the choices you have made
knowing how to change but believing its too late
every path you take convinces you
that you don't know who you are
but the voice inside is telling you, you've never gone to far
whispering the promise of a prayer that love will find you there

there's a broken heart that's healing there's a life that has been changed
there are answers to the prayers that you have prayed
when you're sure your soul can't make it one more day
love will find you there and light your way

One Who knows your heart and sees what you can't see
has been there from the start and believes in what you'll be
He will shine a light through every darkest fear you'll ever know
His arms are reaching out to you through the ones who love you so
He will hear your heart's unspoken prayer
love will find you there

-=Love will find you there=-


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